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Kültürel Miras Mozaiği, Etnik Mutfak Becerileri | Cultural Heritage Mosaic, Ethnic Culinary Skills

Derneğimizin 2019 Haziran ayı içinde UNESCO’nun çağrısı kapsamında hazırlayıp sunduğu Kültürel Miras Mozaiği ve Etnik Mutfak Becerileri konulu projesi özeti aşağıdadır.

Kültürel Miras Mozaiği, Etnik Mutfak Becerileri | Cultural Heritage Mosaic, Ethnic Culinary Skills

Brief Summary of the Project: 

The value of ethnic cultural heritage and its contribution to job creation for economic growth and social cohesion. Undocumented recipes in speciality and ethnic culinary fields are being lost in time when the elderly pass away. Culinary richness, assessment and learning in hands-on applications; impact on the society and the relevance of the learning for the locals; promote interdisciplinary co-operation in culinary arts, fields; support the development of regional, national and cross-country culinary skills applications. While empowering out of school youth, underprivileged women and active adults on historic culinary recipes with this project, the intention is to collect all in scripts and in video recordings for dissipation and distribution while creating a web learning source for the individuals to further their knowledge on this particular side of the culinary heritage. These trainees will also hold classes in the Public Education Center after their training tours. Supplying high-quality culinary skills via hands-on learning for the low skilled active adults, women and out of school youth by the trained staff, motivating for being teachers for the followers in the local and transnational societies. The success and progress will be monitored on a monthly basis to guide them further. The initial experts who are trained on this issue will lead the way via hands-on and digital web tutoring.